PostHeaderIcon Using steam to clean wicker furniture

Tips to clean wicker furniture, furniture maintenanceWicker furniture holds the face value of your home decoration and is an element of beauty in your home décor. Furniture gets withered and discolored after years of use. Protecting the invaluable set of wicker furniture in your home, steam cleaning is a great idea. Things you will need for the job are:

1. Steam- cleaner with furniture specific attachment

2. Cleaning solution

3. Stain pre-treatment solution

Firstly test the cleaner for any discoloration on a small part of the wicker. Then treat any old stain with the stain pre- treatment solution. Now remove the cushions if possible, but if it is not, then also it won’t pose much of a problem. Start cleaning with the extension after applying the steaming water and cleaning solution in a straight line from one side of the furniture to the other. Give time for drying up before repeating the process. Similarly clean the cushions giving enough time to vacuum up maximum amount of moisture.

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