PostHeaderIcon Wood beams for your ceiling for that vintage touch

 ceiling decor, home decorIf you are planning on remodeling your house and are looking for new ideas to make it a little more interesting than what is previously was then why don’t you try wooden beams on your ceiling? Not only are they stylish, but also add a rustic, vintage look to your home. Nowadays having a plain white or colored ceiling just doesn’t serve the purpose rather it loses a certain zing that adds to the style of the ones who live in that house. Wallpapers have been done to death, painting the ceiling with an entirely different color than that of the walls too are passé now, and here the beams come to your rescue.

The elegance that the exposed wooden beams bring to a room are probably unparalleled. Putting them in place aren’t the herculean task that was in the past, on the contrary its quite easy, thanks to the modern goods and technologies of architecture.

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